Access to Period Products

Access to period products

Access to period products

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have struggled to get period products and are worried about their ability to afford them in the future.

This has been driven by multiple factors including:

  • Reduced access to stores
  • Increased short term consumption
  • Supply shortages
  • Increased demand in foodbanks and other relief organizations
  • Increased unemployment and financial hardships.1

Always® has been helping address this need by producing and shipping pads to stores as fast as we can and by donating them to those most-in-need and healthcare workers through our charity partners.

Products Donated

40+ million period products donated

Across 39+ Countries

39+ countries

80+ relief Organizations

Via 80+ relief organizations

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1Glocalities COVID-19 Study, April-May 2020, (online quantitative research, national representative sample of 18-70 yrs, UK n=1030, US n=1007).