Help Always #EndPeriodPoverty So No Period Holds Her Back


A recent study conducted by Always revealed that, since the COVID-19 pandemic,1 in 3 young people feel less confident because they’ve missed after school activities1 and 1 out of 3 parents are worried about their ongoing ability to afford period products - an issue known as period poverty.2

When girls don’t have access to period products, not only do they not feel protected, but it also puts their confidence, dignity and education at risk. They’re less likely to be able to participate in their education & other activities, and if they are, they’re likely to feel distracted and unable to focus on reaching their full potential.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Always wants to show girls that they’re #SupportedAlways and help #EndPeriodPoverty, so that periods don’t hold young people back.

Always has championed girls’ confidence for 35+ years and has donated more than 30 million pads since they started their #EndPeriodPoverty campaign in the US. This fall, Always continues their mission by starting with a donation of 4 million pads and by partnering with various experts to create virtual activities that can help girls grow in confidence, wherever they are.

You can help us do more! Join Always to help keep girls focused on learning and engaging in the activities that help them build their confidence.

Always #EndPeriodPoverty

3 Ways You Can Help #EndPeriodPoverty
during the months of August and September 2020

Always #EndPeriodPoverty
Always #EndPeriodPovertyAlways #EndPeriodPovertyAlways #EndPeriodPoverty

Last year, Always partnered with National Geographic to share Emily’s compelling firsthand experience with period poverty in the US and how access to period products with the right support can help positively impact girls’ confidence and future.

While lack of access to period products is typically associated with girls in other countries, period poverty isn’t just someone else’s problem. It’s happening right here in the United States.

At Always we believe every girl should have access to period protection.

Participating Retailers & Dates of their #EndPeriodPoverty Support:

1 SOURCE: Survey Monkey, May/June 2020: Quantitative survey, US n=1,022 girls and boys 13-17 yrs.

2 SOURCE: Glocalities, April-May 2020: Quantitative nationally representative survey of adults 18-70 yrs, n=1007.

During August or September 2020 every pack of Always Period Pads purchased at participating retailers, during the dates listed above, will trigger a donation of one period product to U.S. school aged girls. Actual donation will be determined by actual product sales.

For everyone who joins or watches a session, Always will donate a month’s supply of period products up to 1 million products via our partner Women’s Sport Foundation, who is helping girls stay active all over the country.