• Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners protect with LeakGuard Core + RapidDry to help keep you 5X drier (vs. Always Thin Daily Liners)
  • Ideal for light days, tampon back up or daily freshness
  • Dual layer design with absorbing core locks away leaks
  • Edge-2-Edge Adhesive helps keep the panty liner in place
  • Feel clean and comfortable for up to 10 hours
  • Always pantiliners give you the level of protection that's right for you

For Xtra Protection every day of the month, Always Xtra Protection Daily Long Liners have our best-absorbing protection to keep you 5X drier.* Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners help you feel clean and comfortable thanks to an extra-absorbent LeakGuard Core + RapidDry. And Edge-2-Edge Adhesive helps keep the liner in place for stay-put protection. For feminine protection you can trust every day of the month, try Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners for women.

*Vs. vs. Always Thin Daily Liners




Q: How often should I change my liner?

A: It's best to change your daily liner every four hours to help you feel shower-fresh, confident, and clean all day.

Q: Are Xtra Protection Daily Liners scented?

A: Xtra Protection Daily Liners are unscented for protection that goes unnoticed.

Q: How will I know if my liner needs to be changed?

A: Check regularly when you go to the bathroom. If you sense signs of wetness or feel any heaviness in your panties, then it might be time to change your liner.

Q: Will my Xtra Protection Daily Liners stay in place?

A: Xtra Protection Daily Liners are made with Edge-2-Edge Adhesive that helps keep the liner in place.

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Pickerington, Ohio
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Freedom, very absorbent, no wings

This liner gives me the freedom to move without fear of moving or leaks. I've never been a fan of wings eather. So thank you for not changing this product.

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London, CT
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finally free!

I've been struggling to find an everyday liner for so long. I get a lot of wetness between cycles and most liners simply can't cope, making things worse than using nothing at all. With Always, no more misery! These are thin enough to be comfortable, absorbent enough to keep me dry, and the scent and odor absorbing keep me fresh. I literally cried when I realized these worked for me. I wish I'd started using these years ago! Shout out to Always for now protecting me every day of the month!

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