• No feel, no fail period protection is possible with Always Pure Cotton with FlexFoam Heavy Flow Absorbency period pads
  • 10X Drier than the leading pad with a cotton top layer
  • Pure Cotton with FlexFoam Pads are free of dyes, fragrances & chlorine bleaching
  • 100% pure cotton top layer is super soft
  • Also available in sizes 1 & 2, and longer lengths sizes 4 & 5

Dermatologically Approved by Skin Health Alliance

Pure Cotton with FlexFoam has been dermatologically tested, and approved as skin friendly by the Skin Health Alliance.

Pads Free of Dyes, Fragrances & Chlorine Bleaching

Our pure cotton top layer is intentionally made without ingredients you don't want.

Sourced from a Premium Cotton Supply

Meeting strict processing requirements, our top layer is sourced from less than 1% of the world's cotton supply.

Always Pure Cotton with FlexFoam pads are free of dyes, fragrances, and chlorine bleaching. Our pure cotton top layer is sourced from premium cotton that makes up less than 1% of the world’s supply, meeting strict ingredient and processing requirements. Our super absorbent holes also help you stay clean throughout the day for incredible period protection. No feel, no fail protection is possible with Always Pure Cotton with FlexFoam pads. They feel like nothing, and protect like nothing else.



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These are a game changer for pad users!!!

These are the softest pads that I've ever used! I'm used to feeling that somewhat uncomfortable chafe from the regular Always pads, but with these I feel almost nothing there. It feels almost pillow-like. The foam really does shape to fit you, and the absorbency is great. It is a little more expensive, but Costco had these on sale, so do go and check them out if you can. The quality is definitely there and I won't be buying the regular pads again!

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loved Pure Cotton pads

I literally love these cotton pads. These are breathable. You won’t feel that plastic feel. It is 100% cotton pads which I really like it. I have a very very sensitive skin. I can’t use any other product rather than cotton pads. It soaks good. It make you feel dry all the time. No fragrance at all. Very gentle to your skin. I would definitely recommend to anyone. You will thank me later.

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love these super thin and cotton I feel very confident no leaks and nothing showing they are wonderful!!!! Best pads ever made love it

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